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July 15, 2020
Huuuge Games announces the acquisition of Playable Platform

Huuuge Games, an international game developer and publisher focused on the fast-growing multi-billion-dollar mobile gaming market, has acquired Playable Platform, a Dutch advertising start-up that develops interactive and playable ads with rich advanced creative technology. 

Playable Platform is a pioneer in playable ad development, marketing creative optimization technology with advanced analytics, based in Amsterdam, the Netherlands.

Playable Platform has developed the first AI-driven technology that automatically optimizes marketing creatives, such as playable ads, interactive videos, and interactive end cards, by combining user funnel data with attribution data and other performance indicators. The company has been rated as one of the leading ad creative platforms by GameAnalytics, the game industry consultancy.  

As one of the top creative platforms in the industry, Playable Platform has helped dozens of major mobile gaming companies to reach their full potential with playable ads and creative optimization over the last few years. 

The company was founded by industry veterans Johan Lofstrom, former VP of EMEA at Chartboost, and Erik Duindam, who has held leading roles at many successful technology companies in New York, Dubai, and Amsterdam.

 The acquisition means that Huuuge now has 11 offices globally employing more than 600 people.


Tal Shoham, Chief Marketing Officer at Huuuge Games said:

‘“Marketing creatives has become one of the most pivotal pillars of a strong, efficient and effective marketing strategy. Especially, as in the last few years, most marketing platforms, such as Google and Facebook, are becoming more automatic, data-driven and controlled by the platforms’ algorithms, with less options for human optimization. This leaves us marketers with very few options to actually control and impact the performance of our campaigns. The creative itself has become the most important aspect we can control, change, test and continually improve. This is why Huuuge’s marketing vision and Playable Platform’s vision  are a perfect match. We felt that together we can achieve amazing results and reach new records! ”

Anton Gauffin, CEO at Huuuge Games said:

 “We are delighted to be acquiring Playable Platform, a market-leading, innovative company that is addressing user acquisition by connecting creativity with high level technology. The self-learning creative technology and data-driven playable ads will dramatically improve our marketing efforts for various games in Huuuge’s portfolio. This acquisition marks another step forward in our “Build & Buy” strategy and our increasing focus on inorganic growth opportunities. We are also excited to establish Huuuge’s presence in the Netherlands as we expand our European office footprint.”

 Erik Duindam, Co-Founder & CTO of Playable Platform, now VP Creative Technology at Huuuge, said:

“Well-optimized playable ads are usually the best performing creative format for mobile games. Creatives are one of the key factors of successful UA as they strongly impact KPIs like IPM, eCPM, and retention. We pride ourselves with a data-first mindset and a comprehensive approach to the creative life cycle, which, combined with our technology to track, optimize, and iterate on creatives, has helped us crack playable ads and related creative formats for our customers over the past several years. 

“We’re extremely excited to join Huuuge Games, as Huuuge has built up an incredibly strong team and one of the most impressive data infrastructures in the industry today. Joining forces with Huuuge willl allow us to raise the bar further and offer an unparalleled creative platform for all games in Huuuge’s portfolio.”


About Huuuge Games:

Huuuge Games is an international game developer and publisher, focused on the fast-growing multi-billion-dollar mobile gaming market. On their way to becoming the global leader in real-time free-to-play casual gaming, Huuuge is redefining the category genres with fun social experiences that give maximum joy and fun to billions of players all around the world.


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